Why Microgaming Casinos are the Best

Euro Casino It isn’t to often that you can walk into a casino and come out a huge winners and I am not talking about a couple hundred dollars, I am referring to tens of thousands. This happens all the time online, especially in Microgaming casinos. First question people ask is how much did you have to put in to win that. Basically it is all timing, hitting the casinos at the perfect time which happens. You would actually be amazed at how often it can happen. The biggest wins I have ever experiences were with small deposits of only a few hundred dollars. Last time I ended up winning over 100k, of course this doesn’t normally happen in one big win. Instead it will happen in continuous wins on multiple machines. The main thing is to build up credits in order to raise your bets so that the payouts keep getting larger. It is quite a rush hitting 10k plus at a time and watching the balance increase. The largest hit I have had was approximately 37,500 in one spin betting 21.00 per spin, yet I have hit 25k in a single spin on a 9.00 bet. Once you have that many credits it is easy to go on to other games to build up more.

Progressive players hit regularly and yield large amounts as well. I have only been lucky once so far on a progressive which was less than 50k hit. That was many years ago when their wasn’t as many machines paying out. Now it seems they go off everyday multiple times, it is always worth giving it a try as you just never know when you luck is going to hit.

There is other reasons besides payouts for Microgaming casinos being the best, game selection. They do have the largest choices of machines on the net and continue to add more each month. Watching the advancements in features is truly exciting and I do look forward to giving them a try to see what type of features they have for large returns on bonus rounds. Often the casinos will do a special promotion on the latest games to get people trying them out.

Last is bonuses, casinos operating under Microgaming give away a lot of money with purchases to increase game play. Some run daily offers and others just give a max amount per month. So, if you are looking to make a few bucks you may want to give them a try.